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Help Topics


About moneycare+

This menu includes Tip of the Day, Register, Help Topics and About MoneyCare +.



                                                Figure F. Help Submenus       

28) Tip of the Day: This will show you various Tips for using this software effectively. 

29) Help Topics: This invokes the Help Topics.

Default Shortcut Keys of MoneyCare + are shown below. Shortcut Keys are case insensitive ie. Capital letters or small letters can be used. You may also assign your own Custom Keys using Menu Shortcut Keys option given in Default Settings window. Please note Default Password 'admin' is case sensitive, ie. only small letters should be used.

Add Income                              I

Add Expense                             E

Add/Delete Category                  Ctrl+M

Open Database                          Ctrl+O

Backup Database                       Ctrl+B

Print                                         Ctrl+P

30) Register: This is to enter software Registration/License details. This will enable you to make the evaluation software fully functional even after the expiration of evaluation period. Registration window is shown in Figure 38. Please note that Registration Key is different from password option in the program. After payment, Registration Key will be provided. Please visit our website to get Registration Key.


                                                    Figure 38. Registration Window



31) About MoneyCare +:


                                                     Figure 39. About MoneyCare +